We are a CAP/CLIA accredited laboratory and a full-service product development and manufacturing partner to the Diagnostics, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries.
Corgenix is part of the Sebia Group.
our mission

Clinical Laboratory Services
to improve patient outcomes

Passionate In Vitro Diagnostics specialists transforming healthcare and improving well being for three decades with innovative diagnostic and development solutions that enable personalized therapies for better outcomes and improved patient health.

Company overview

Located outside of Denver, Colorado, USA, Corgenix is a CAP/CLIA accredited laboratory specializing in clinical studies, clinical trial management and physician-ordered patient testing. Corgenix is also a experienced in CDMO—Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization. Corgenix is a highly capable strategic partner with history of success; our main client groups are Biotech companies, Pharmaceutical industry, Cancer Centers, and Academic laboratories. Strategic collaborations have covered all aspects of the IVD process –development, quality control, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, product support, and commercialization.